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Creators United Awards: It is slated to bring the best of the creators, influencers and many more

The Creators United awards will honour the most influential people and powerful digital voices, as well as content creators from industries as diverse as finance, travel, comedy, fashion, and technology.

Global dance icon Nora Fatehi commented,

I am delighted to accept the invitation from Creators United to serve as a member of the jury for the awards night celebrating India’s biggest digital creators. I am looking forward to being a part of this exciting event. Honouring the talented creators who have made a significant impact in the online space. With their relentless contributions to India’s swiftly emerging digital economy.

Paras Sharma, Director & Head of Content and Community Partnerships, Facebook India added,

More than ever, creators are shaping popular culture. They are pursuing their passions, starting trends, and many of them are going mainstream. Considering our unique position of seeing these developments take place on our platforms – Instagram and Facebook, we are constantly investing in the creator ecosystem.

Vineeta Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics stated

I am thrilled to share space on a jury with talented personalities who have accomplished so much in their respective fields. At SUGAR Cosmetics, we have witnessed an evolution in the impact created by influencer-led content. 5+ million, we have always believed in the power of community.

Head of Martech & Growth – EV, Hero Motocorp & jury member Manav Sethi said

It’s the output KPIs that ascertain post facto, which creator or creative worked for the brand and the goal it was meant for! That is the jury challenge and the burden on evaluators for Creators United 23 Awards. Join us to meet these amazing creators, witness the creativity and judge the jurors.

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Ace fashion designer & jury member Masaba Gupta added

Digital media has the great power to reach and inspire audiences around the world. It has also been an instrumental pillar in my professional journey as a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Hence, it is indeed an honor to be able to recognize and celebrate the achievements of these talented individuals. Who have been digital role models to millions across the country. I am excited to join my fellow jurors in identifying and honoring the very best in the field at Creators United Awards 2023.



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