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Comedian Joe Lycett performed a money stunt to get attention from David Beckham

The British comedian, Joe Lycett talked about shredding ten thousand euros in a money stunt, to call out to David Beckham regarding his ambassador role at the Qatar world cup 2022. People all over the internet suspected about Lycett’s donation to the LGBTQ+ community, which he confirmed through a video.

What made Lycett shred ten thousand euros?

David Beckham, who is a long-time gay rights supporter, entered into a ten year contract with Qatar, a country that opposes homosexuality. The controversial decision by David has put him under pressure by hampering his goodwill. also read:-Checkout the AMAs 2022 red carpet looks from Taylor Swift to Machine Gun Kelly

Lycett told Beckham that if he does not withdraw his association with the Qatar world cup 2022, Joe will destroy a pack of 11,800 dollars by throwing it into a shredder. Apparently, he did stand on his words. However, the catch is that the money that was put into the shredder was real, but the pieces that came out of the shredder were fake currency. Lycett further responded by saying he would never disrespect money by tearing it down to pieces.

In fact, the money was already donated to the LGBTQ+ community even before the threat was announced. Joe only wished to make people talk against David Beckham by centering the limelight on him. He also said that he always knew Beckham would never back off from the association.

What does David Beckham say about Qatar world cup 2022?

Apparently, David Beckham is of the opinion that Qatar world cup 2022 is inclined towards progress and they are working day and night to put together a well-managed world cup this year. However, to put oil in the fire, Joe also shredded the attitude magazine, carrying a cover picture of the superstar.


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