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Car Driving Tips: Many times people make mistakes while braking the car and use the left foot

Everyone learns to drive a car. But very few people pay attention to which feature of the car or how to use which function or how to give commands for its use. But these small things sometimes create big problems. One such thing is how to press the brake of the car so that your car is not damaged and there is no accident of any kind.

In fact, there is only one way to press the brake in both automatic and manual cars. But people sometimes take trouble by using the wrong foot to press the wrong brake. Due to which other people walking on the road with them also have problems. Let us tell you today which leg should be used to apply brakes while driving a car.

In manual cars While driving a car, your left leg should be completely for the clutch.

The brake should never be pressed with this leg. The reason for this is that your foot has a habit of pressing the clutch hard because it has spring action. But the brakes are pressed slowly. Always use the right foot for this. This will reduce the speed if your foot is removed from the X-Lirator and you will be able to stop the car by changing the gear with the clutch while pressing the brake.

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Because automatic cars do not have a clutch pedal, people’s left leg is free. In such a situation, many times people press the brake with the left foot and the car stops rapidly. Automatic cars, most of the four tires have disc brakes and due to braking from the left foot, it stops under pressure. In such a situation, an accident can also happen. If you drive an automatic car and you face the same problem. Then an easy solution is to sit with your left leg slightly bent backwards. In such a situation, the right leg will be used automatically during the brake.


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