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BTS’ SUGA, who will take the fans through another exciting concept.

With this new initiative, BTS member SUGA is continuing her content-filled year. Min Yoongi is preparing a celebration that is inspired by nature for his 30th birthday on March 9. It is unlike any of the other six individual picture folios that have been made public thus far. SUGA’s picture folio in the Special 8 Photo-Folio series marks the end of the “Me, Myself, and” series.

As BTS member SUGA switches to the other side of the camera.

It will be clear that he has his own distinctive thoughts. SUGA’s photo portfolio, “Wholly or Whole,” is a quick-witted ode to his devoted dog Holly, who has been by his side for a very long time. SUGA’s pet, which is frequently mentioned with affection. It is in a special position with this collection of pictures.

The idea of Wholly or Whole appears to be focused on preserving nature’s allure. The announcement’s accompanying suggestive photographs show off the breathtaking vistas that SUGA hopes to record. He loved camping, and his gear was often put up in the middle of rocky terrain or in the middle of a desert.

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The concept was further clarified in the sketch video that followed, in which SUGA expressed his desire to formally document nature, which many people haven’t been able to appreciate recently. He specialises in storing panoramic views and layering his images. Fans are also making reference to the images he posted on his personal Instagram over a year ago. Which finally gave rise to the well-known BTS ARMY meme. SUGA was observed squatting while he drank his coffee outside.

His real name, Agust D, and his single stage name, SUGA, have both been announced as the performers on a forthcoming tour. SUGA has announced his first solo world tour, which will take him to the USA for 11 gigs spread over 5 venues. He’ll then head back to Asia for performances in Jakarta, Bangkok, and Singapore. The BTS member will travel to his native South Korea in June. However, the specific dates of his journey to Japan are still unknown.


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