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BTS’ J-Hope debuts buzz cut ahead of military enlistment, Jin and Jungkook return home.

J-Hope, the upbeat rapper for BTS, posted a sweet message and a photo of his new buzz cut on Instagram on April 17 before departing for his required military enlistment. Even more appealing are his endearing smile and sympathetic eyes. The message gave ARMYs words of encouragement by stating that he’ll take care of himself and will return soon.

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BTS J-Hope had the opportunity to interact with fans earlier that day, on April 14, during a live broadcast on the fan community website Weverse. J-Hope, who had short hair and glasses, was the first to greet the crowd. J-Hope declared, “I think I’m going to cut my hair the day before I go in,” on this particular day. Really not much longer. ‘What should I do?’ I asked a week ago. I wanted to, but now that it’s okay, I’m not sure if it still is. I’m more collected now. J-Hope also responded, “I thought I would shave it off before leaving, but I thought it would take some time to adjust, so I cut my hair short a week ago. My hair needs to be cut soon.

Jin’s advice to J-Hope: 

He also discussed his oldest family member, Jin, who is a military assistant instructor. I receive a call once per day, He said. How is J-Hope, he enquired? which may sound repetitive, but I actually appreciated his daily calls. Even when I was organising my luggage, Hyung was a huge help. BTS Jin also offered J-Hope a number of advices. J-Hope advised him to bring a book because he claimed that on the first day Jin enlisted at the training facility, he brought nothing and spent the entire time staring at the sky for 11 hours.

His message for ARMYs: 

BTS J-Hope also apologised, saying, “Along with the fans, I couldn’t tell my acquaintances much about the news. I was lazy up until a week ago. I couldn’t afford it mentally. “I hope the fans don’t worry too much,” he continued. I’ll return shortly. Probably the last live performance before enlistment. Furthermore, he demonstrated his friendship with the members by stating, “Even after a number of years, I deeply care for the BTS members as much as the ARMYs like the members.”




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