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Boney Kapoor confirms that the sequels to No Entry and Mr. India are in the works

Producer Boney Kapoor is currently enjoying himself because his movie Thunivu. Which stars Ajith Kumar, is performing well at the Tamil Nadu box office. Boney Kapoor highlighted the action thriller’s opening day performance, as well as his future intentions as a producer. The film was directed by H Vinoth. Boney stated that he has had approaches from studios to combine many films into a series because the business is currently placing a lot of emphasis on sequels and franchises.

Boney Kapoor on No Entry 2 and Mr. India 2

The sequels to the films Wanted, No Entry, and Mr. A select handful of our older films have been remade in a different setting with more expensive production. Boney says, hastily adding that he is currently locking things for the No Entry sequel. Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, and Fardeen Khan feature in this Anees Bazmee-directed comedy caper, and Boney was approached for an update. This cannot be discussed in front of the camera, and it is private information.

He quickly clarifies that, contrary to media speculation, the movie is not entangled in legal issues. He is incredibly confident in the sport drama’s subject matter and believes it would be a turning point in Hindi cinema. I believe that Amit Sharma has excelled and that this movie will remain relevant for as long as movies are produced. It’s not simply a sports movie. It captures the complete spirit of that time period, including how the world operated. How the country was divided into several language groups, how the game was played, and much more.

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Boney Kapoor on making his acting debut with Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar

It has a beautiful husband-wife relationship, a fantastic father-son bond. There is also a presentation of the equation between the federation and the coach. He continued, adding that “all the factors are depicted extremely well in the video.” The music is fantastic, and working with Luv Ranjan is a pleasure. However, Boney was hesitant to take the lead role in the movie. Luv persuaded me to do the film when I was going to refuse the offer. However, since it debuted on Netflix, it has drawn positive attention and received positive reviews from viewers. Mili was a picture that was extremely dear to my heart, and I think Janhvi did a tremendous job in it, Boney concluded.


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