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Boba: Let’s learn about the Taiwanese drink in detail

Boba Tea has gained great popularity. This bubble tea is a popular drink of Taiwan and has now become famous all over the world. It is a drink whose base is prepared from tea and flavored fruit or milk is added to it. This drink contains edible pearls called boba and hence this drink is called boba drink. Let’s talk about this drink in detail today.

What is boba drink?
It is known as Pearl Milk Tea, Bubble Tea, Tapioca Tea, etc. This Taiwanese tea is prepared with milk, fruit and edible pearls. Two people are named behind making it. There is a story of Miss Lin Si Hui of Taiwan, who removed sabudana from her dessert and put it in ice tea and then this recipe was prepared. According to another story, Taiwanese tea-house owner Tu Song-hee once poured sabudana into his tea and started selling it under the name of Pearl Tea. In this way these 2 stories tell about the origin of Boba T.
How are the toppings?

It is made from three different bases – black, white and green tea bases. This tea has the most essential toppings because the flavor comes from that. It is made from different things. Many times small balls of cassava root are added to it. Some drinks include puddings, red beans, sago, grass jelly and tarot balls. These different things give boba tea different texture and taste. For example, pudding toppings bring a custard-like flavor to tea. Grass jelly provides a mild taste and firm texture of mint. Similarly, tarot has a spongy texture that is quite different from sago.

Why is Boba Tea popular?

It is popular because you can choose toppings and flavors according to your choice. It is especially liked among the youth for its taste. Apart from this, its taste is completely different compared to other drinks or tea. As we mentioned, the base of tea is different and the flavors are different, which makes it special and different. Another reason for its popularity is that you can make it not only from cow milk but from almond milk or other milk, which makes it a good choice for vegan people. If you do not want milk, you can also prepare it with fruit juice.

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Is Boba Tea Healthy?

You will also think that because it has sabudana, milk and fruit flavors, then it will be healthy. But this is not because it contains excessive amounts of sugar. Many flavors are added to it which increases its sugar level and in this way it would be wrong to call it healthy. Fiber and protein are essential elements for our body that are not found in it. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, bubble tea with brown sugar tapioca pearl contains 270 calories.


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