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Bigg Boss: Contestants Had Nothing Else To Do

Imagining Bigg Boss 16 without fights is akin to wishing for the sun to rise in the west. To be honest, it’s both impossible and boring! What is truly possible?
Do you not believe me? Here are Bigg Boss 16 contestants caused a commotion in the house for no reason.
1. When Sumbul and the other housemates objected to Archana making morning tea in peace.
Archana has proven to be quite rebellious. But poking her while she was silently making her tea on an empty gas station was strange. Here’s a recap of yesterday’s episode. Archana was making her tea quietly so as not to disturb Nimrit’s breakfast duty. Captains Sumbul and Soundarya asked her to stay out of the kitchen until breakfast was ready, but she refused. Sumbul became so enraged that she began turning off the gas stove and repeatedly poking Archana until Nimrit decided to pause breakfast for a while.

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2. The time Nimrit was triggered by Shiv rightfully calling her out for checking his room without his permission.
This happened when Gautam and Nimrit were friends, and he rose to become the house’s second captain. She couldn’t find the packet of rice that was supposed to be in her room, so she began checking other rooms with Gautam by her side without asking the roommates’ permission. She found the packet in her room eventually. When Shiv cordially tried to call it out, Nimrit got pissed and had an emotional outbreak.
3. When MC Stan began cursing Shalin without warning.
One of the epic fights this season witnessed was the one between MC Stan and Shalin Bhanot. To be honest, the fight was more about Stan releasing his pent-up rage than it was about their shared concern for Tina. Shiv joined the aggressive exchange in support of Stan, and chaos ensued.
4. The time when Archana was savaged, cornered, and provoked by her housemates simply for saying she’d do her duty at her own pace.
Archana is infamous for rebelling against any and every captaincy. Frustrated by her antics, every housemate once cornered her for literally saying she’d do her cleaning duty on her own time. Four men picked her up while she was lying on her mattress and placed her on the floor. Others opened her personal bags and spread all her clothes inside the circular cell.

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