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Big Bang Taeyang and BTS Jimin’s music video ‘VIBE’ out!

For their debut solo music video, Vibe, Big Bang’s Taeyang and BTS member Jimin worked together. Fans want to hear more of the two together after they produced an enthralling song. Jimin, a member of BTS, collaborated with Taeyang, a member of Big Bang, on the song Vibe. On January 13, the music video was made available, and it thrilled fans. After BTS announced a break to focus on solo careers last year, this is Jimin’s first song.

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Jimin and Taeyang are seen in the song video rocking out while they sing about their vibe. Taeyang enters the chorus and begins singing, “I feel it. There is a mood. With his soothing voice, Jimin joins in, and the pair does some fantastic manoeuvres. The choreography helps to better establish the song’s tone.

Fan Tweets

“Taeyang never gets old… he’s still vibing like he’s 20… and I’m down for God’s sake can’t handle this hotness,” a fan reacted to the song in the YouTube comments section. It’s a privilege to be able to view them all at once. We were seriously well served by Taeyang and Jimin; this is the YG and HYBE. Another remark stated,Vibe is perfect ear candy. It’s such feel good pop with just a touch of funk and smoothness in the track and vocals. Jimin slays. And Taeyang… I see you.” A fan tweeted, “You ate this up and exceeded everyone’s expectation Park Jimin is this even possible I’m so proud of you.”

Since Jimin had previously expressed admiration for Taeyang, the two artists’ cooperation was eagerly awaited. Which singer did Jimin respect and adore the most before making his or her debut? Jimin responded immediately and added, “You all are aware of the solution. Sunbaenim Taeyang.”

Along with RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook, Jimin made his BTS debut. In 2013, the group’s first single made its premiere. Jimin has three solo tracks with BTS to his name in addition to group tracks. Lie (2016), Serendipity (2017), and Filter are among them (2020).

Promise, which Jimin also co-wrote and co-composed, was his debut solo single that he released in 2018. He collaborated with singer Ha Sung-woon on the song With You for TvN’s popular drama Our Blues in 2022. Jimin and the other BTS members will probably enrol in the South Korean army soon. They plan to reunite as a group in 2025.


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