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Bhindi Samosa Horror: Street Vendor In Chandni Chowk Receives Backlash For Weird Food Experiment

How many of us actually have the ability to refuse a traditional samosa with some tangy chutney on the side? Let’s be honest, few people have the courage to decline it. Our mouths begin to water more than ever at the mere thought of freshly deep-fried, crispy and crunchy samosas being piping out bhindi samosa.

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All of us simply want to try brand-new food combinations in this day and age of fusion cuisine and experimental cuisine, and the world of samosas isn’t lagging behind. Samosa is a spicy, fried quick meal that is popular worldwide, making it practically the national snack of India.

Samosas have undergone a significant evolution as well, with an entirely new selection of speciality and cocktail samosas being served with the most intriguing recipes. Consider all the different types of samosas that could exist, including pizza samosas, chowmein samosas, pasta samosas, paneer tikka samosas, keema samosas, soy chaap samosas, and countless others. There are literally countless filling options, and the vendors can be as inventive as they like. Can you, however, envision a dish called bhindi samosa? You did read that correctly.

The Tale Of The Peculiar Bhindi Samosa

A video of a samosa stall owner in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk selling this unusual snack was essentially uploaded and circulated by the Facebook page “Food lover.” The vendor is seen tearing open a samosa to reveal the bhindi filling as the video plays. The hawker asserts that the samosa’s bhindi filling is cooked to perfection, leaving no slimy strings inside.

Even more impressive is how quickly he transformed the bhindi samosa into a Dilli waali chaat by adding toppings like. Coriander leaves, green chutney, and liberal amounts of desi-style masalas. A staple of Indian street food, aloo-chole ki sabzi, is served alongside the chaat. All of this is available from the vendor for a reasonable price of only thirty. On the whole, the response to the dish on the internet has been quite lacklustre. On your subsequent trip to Chandni Chowk, you could, however, give it a try if you’d like.


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