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Bharat Gaurav Deluxe Tourism Train Between Ayodhya And Nepal’s Janakpur Is Launched

Indian Railways began operating the Ayodhya to Janakpur Bharat Gaurav Tourism Train on Friday (17 February). In an effort to fulfil Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of exhibiting India’s rich cultural past and majestic historical landmarks to the people of India and the globe.

The “Shri Ram-Janaki Yatra: Ayodhya to Janakpur Express,” a tourist train. It would run between the two most significant pilgrimage sites in India and Nepal, Janakpur and Ayodhya.

The project is expected to strengthen cross-cultural linkages and bilateral ties between the two countries.

The tourist train will stop at Nandigram, Sitamarhi, Kashi, and Prayagraj, among other sites. We’ll stay in hotels for two nights—one in Janakpur and the other in Varanasi. The stops in the daytime will include excursions to Ayodhya, Sitamarhi, and Prayagraj.

The cutting-edge deluxe AC tourist train has some incredible amenities, like a modern kitchen, shower cubicles in the coaches, sensor-based restrooms, and foot massagers. Two upscale restaurants are also present.

The first-class and second-class cabins are available on the entirely air-conditioned train. Two extra security measures on the train are CCTV cameras and security personnel in each coach. An infotainment system is also installed across the entire train.

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The seven-day Bharat Gaurav tourist train voyage begins at Ayodhya. The birthplace of Lord Rama, where travellers can explore the Shri Ram Janmbhumi and Hanuman temples as well as the Bharat Mandir in Nandigram.

The train will depart from Ayodhya and go to Sitamarhi Railway Station in Bihar. Where passengers would board buses to travel the final 70 kilometres to Janakpur in Nepal.

Tourists can visit the Ram Janki Temple, Sita Ram Vivah Mandap, and Dhanush Dham while they are in Janakpur. The day after seeing Janakpur, they will travel back to Sitamarhi and go to the Janki temple there as well as Punaura Dham.

The train will go overnight to Varanasi from Sitamarhi.

When at Kashi, visitors should stop by Sarnath, the Kashi Vishwanath temple and corridor, the Tulsi temple, and the Sankat Mochan Hanuman temple. They’ll take a bus from Varanasi to Prayagraj, stopping at the Sangam, Shankar Viman Mandapam, Hanuman Temple, and Bharadwaj Ashram along the way.

After Prayagraj, on the seventh day of the journey. The train will return to Delhi. Visitors will travel around 2,500 kilometres on this trip.

To make this package more appealing and affordable to a broad audience. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has teamed with the payment platforms Paytm and Razorpay to offer EMI payment options and divide the whole price into smaller sections.

Users can use the Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) payment option to spread payments out over 3, 6, 9, or 24 months.


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