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Best places of ‘Sosan’ present in the Hasin Valley of Himachal.

The hasin valleys of Himachal Pradesh contain a variety of magnificent, breathtaking, and undiscovered locations that make visitors want to travel overseas after visiting. As a result, many of domestic and international tourists travel to Himachal throughout the year to enjoy the stunning locations there.
Every time, we make an effort to highlight some of Himachal’s most picturesque locations, hoping that visitors would leave feeling satisfied. In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss some of the top “Sosan” locations in Himachal’s Hasin Valley. After seeing these Sosan locations, you will undoubtedly jump for excitement.

Parvati Valley

One of India’s most stunning and endearing valleys is Parvati Valley, which is only a short distance from Sosan. Pine trees, lakes, rivers, and high mountains all contribute to the attractiveness of this area. The temperature in Parvati Valley stays low even during periods of extreme heat in North India. According to rumours, Parvati Valley is well known for its hiking trails. It is also thought that the journey to this valley is rather lengthy.

Kheer Ganga (Kheer Ganga)

You may visit Kheer Ganga, which is situated at an elevation of roughly 3,000 metres above sea level, after exploring Parvati Valley. No other destination compares to the beauty of this tiny village on the banks of the Parvati River.

Due to its picturesque surroundings, lake, and waterfalls, Kheer Ganga is regarded as being extremely well-known. In Kheer Ganga, there is a hot water pool where you can have a walk. At Kheer Ganga, there is also a cave that is devoted to Lord Kartikeya. Let us inform you that this area is well known for its trekking.

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Parli (Parli)

Parli is a very lovely and picturesque place that is within a short distance from the major metropolis. The stunning peak of this location is at its best when it snows in the winter. The temperature in this area never rises above minus. (Losar is Himachal’s priceless treasure.))

You can take pleasure in strolling across the high slopes, meadows, and pine trees of Parli. It is said that Parli has a view of the sunrise and sunset.


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