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Bageshwar Dham: Lalu Prasad Yadav’s daughter files slip with Bageshwar Sarkar

Patna: Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav’s elder son Tej Pratap Yadav is opposing the decision of Bageshwar Dham Presiding Officer Dhirendra Krishna Shastri. But his elder sister Rohini Acharya has filed an application with Baba. The divine court of Baba Bageshwar is decorated in Taret (Naubatpur) adjacent to Patna. With the arrival of thousands of devotees here, the atmosphere has become devotional. Lalu’s daughter Rohini has tried to know the big thing from Baba Bageshwar, who got to know his mind through the application of the slip.

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Bageshwar Baba is going to answer people’s slips from Monday in his divine court. Before that, Lalu Yadav’s daughter Rohini has also filed an application with Baba. However, leaders associated with the ruling party are opposing baba’s program. Among those who protested is the name of Rohini minister Bhai Tej Pratap. They have even formed a brigade to oppose Baba Bageshwar. Baba was even called a traitor.

Pandit Dhirendra Shastri’s Hanumant Katha is going on in Naubatpur.

On May 15, we will bring out slips containing people’s names. Earlier, Lalu Yadav’s daughter Rohini Acharya has also filed an application from Dhirendra Shastri. However, he has made his application by tweeting. “This is our request to The Baba of slip, the demand for special status for Bihar is fulfill. Rohini’s younger brother Tej Pratap Yadav, a minister in the Nitish Kumar government,

was opposing Baba Bageshwar before coming to Patna. However, he has been silent since Baba’s arrival. In another tweet, Rohini targeted BJP leaders. He wrote, ‘Take off the aarti, take off their aarti.’ Make the issue of the 2024 election here. Turn your back on inflation. Become a rioter and set the winning formula in Bihar. Yes, aarti reminded me that they had also played with the faith of crores of Hindus by declaring Asaram as revered in the greed of votes.


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