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Badrinath: These cheap ashrams and guest houses are the best to stay in Badrinath.

Badrinath Yatra is considered a holy yatra in Hinduism. Since ancient times, millions of devotees visit Badrinath every year. When devotees go to Badrinath Darshan, many types of questions keep circulating in their minds.

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Out of the thousand questions that come to mind during the Badrinath Yatra, one of the questions is whether the best place to stay in will be found or not? Many people also have to spend some more money to stay in Badrinath.

If you are also going to visit Badrinath Temple and are searching for the best place to stay around the temple, then in this article we are going to tell you about some cheap ashrams, guest houses and dharamshalas. Let’s find out.

Parmarth Lok , Badrinath

Parmarth Lok Ashram is a very large ashram where tourists can stay comfortably and visit the temple. Here you will also get the facility of attached bathroom, TV and room heater in the room. You will also get hot water here all the time.

Bhandara is organized in the morning and night at Parmarth Lok Ashram. Apart from this, locker facility is also available to keep the goods safe. Medical facilities are also available. Let us tell you that the rent for staying in the ashram is between 600-700 rupees.

  • Address- Near Badrinath Bus Stand, Palace Road- 246422

Manav Kalyan , Badrinath

If you are looking for a cheap ashram to stay around the temple, then Manav Kalyan Ashram can be the best option for you. The rent for a room in this ashram, located near the Badrinath temple road, is between 400-600 rupees. Delicious vegetarian food is also available in this ashram.

Let us tell you that Manav Kalyan Ashram is present at a distance of about 200 meters from the temple. Due to being on the banks of the Alaknanda River, you can also see some amazing scenes from here.

  • Address- Badrinath Temple Road, Uttarakhand-246422

Swaminarayan Temple Dharamshala ,Badrinath

If you want to stay in the Haseen valleys of the Himalayas before and after visiting the  temple, then you should reach Swaminarayan Temple Dharamshala. Badrinath temple is also visible from here. Located in the middle of the mountains, this dharamshala costs between 400-600 rupees for a night.

Swaminarayan Temple Dharamshala is also famous for local food. For your information, let you know that it is present at a distance of about 500 meters from the temple.

  • Address- Badrinath Temple Access Path, Uttarakhand-24642

Other Ashrams and Guest Houses

Apart from Manav Kalyan Ashram, Swaminarayan Temple Dharamshala and Parmarth Lok Ashram, there are many ashrams and guest houses around Temple where you can stay for a lot of money.

You can stay between around 400-600 rupees at Shri Hari Niwas Guest House. Apart from this, you can also stay in Bhajan Ashram, Sadhu-Sudha Ashram and Sadhna Sangh Ashram at a very low cost.


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