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Avoiding age discrimination on your LinkedIn profile

The goal while applying for jobs on LinkedIn is to stand out from the competition. Some applicants, however, are concerned that they might not get a first interview if they stand out due to their age or race.

When profile pictures and years of experience are absent. It may indicate that job applicants are attempting to circumvent bias-based hurdles.

Candidates have a genuine concern about how they would be viewed based on their profile photo or assumed age, according to marketing guru Jacob Brown. “I’ve heard of folks who don’t upload profile images for a variety of reasons, including apprehension about bias and a lack of a formal headshot. Each is acceptable.

Possibility of Discrimination

Therefore, many people are concerned that using headshots will lead to decision-makers treating them unfairly.

Discriminating individuals do precisely that. They are prejudiced. An individual can tell if they don’t like you based on your profile photo if you don’t like their gender, age, weight, race, etc.

Alarming findings from Dove’s research on hair-based prejudice against Black women include the following: “Black women are 1.5 times more likely to be sent home from work due to their hair.” Black women are “80% more likely to modify their natural hair to fit social norms. Or expectations at work” in order to prevent this discrimination. The practise of changing hair also applies to profile pictures.

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Penalties For Incomplete Profiles

When looking for a job, the repercussions of not including a profile photo are horrifying. Members who have a profile photo get “21x more profile views and up to 36x more messages,” according to LinkedIn’s Official Blog. Headhunters and recruiting managers are frequently unable to find profiles with missing photographs. And basic information since they do not show up in searches.

Members frequently post stock photos of generic landscapes, creatures, or words to appear in searches. This conduct is a clear breach of LinkedIn’s profile guidelines.

Members who have their profile photo removed by LinkedIn three times in a row will no longer be able to do so.


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