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Australia Great Comes Down Hard On Steve Smith’s Slip Fielding.

After dropping catches from Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja on Day 2 of the first Test match between India and Australia in Nagpur, the former Australia opener Matthew Hayden criticised Steve Smith’s slip fielding. While the opportunity from Rohit was quite challenging, Jadeja’s edge on the day’s second-to-last delivery was essentially a comfortable opportunity. The call came at a good height for Smith as first slip, but he was slow to respond, so it struck his arm and fell to the ground.

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Former Australian batter Matthew Hayden said on-air, “What a nightmare this is for a slips fieldsman.” “Kind of remained unseen there. I ought to have put more effort into it. Concentration factor: second

Mark Waugh, a fellow countryman, expressed a similar sentiment after outlining the circumstances. He appears to be looking away from the game because he doesn’t believe the ball will come to him. The play must be read by you. When you are fielding at first slip to the spinners, you have to act like you are actually batting.

Sunil Gavaskar, a former captain of India, also spoke on the subject.

Without a doubt, he wasn’t bending down. He didn’t seem to be anticipating the catch to appear there. The catch came towards the knee, and the back isn’t bent, he continued. Consequently, that may be significant. Yes, today has been very long. Despite the fact that it has been a long day, your focus is on the last few deliveries.


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