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Ashneer Grover, Kiara Advani nearly caused him to file for divorce from his wife Madhuri.

Ashneer Grover, a co-founder of the banking company Bharat Pe. He has revealed the name of the Bollywood superstar he teased throughout the promotions that nearly caused his divorce in his recently published book about the lives of entrepreneurs and startups in India.
Grover wrote a whole chapter in his book on the incident and described the full argument he had with his wife Madhuri while they were flying.
The businessman described a meeting with a fellow founder at his office where Grover and his wife brought up the subject of the friend’s marriage in the chapter titled “When Kiara Advani Almost Got Me Divorced.” Grover cited the man as saying, Talks are going on with a movie star.
The businessman was further questioned and discovered that his friend is in contact with a “Seema Aunty type of matchmaker who specialised in Bollywood connections.”
“He named Kiara Advani as an eligible match when I asked him what his possibilities were.”
You don’t know what’s going on in the market right now, Kiara Advani says in her song. I might wed Kiara Advani if I were to get married right now. Grover responded to the other’s statement by quoting his mother.

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When Madhuri heard this, her countenance sank; she did not at all find the dialogue amusing.
Her body language changed immediately, as I could see,” Grover continued.
We had to leave that night for the shoot in Mumbai, he continued. Madhuri remained silent while we were in the air and wouldn’t speak to me until I pushed her to eat.
His wife reminded him that before they were married. He was a nobody and that it was only because of her that he consented to participate in “Shark Tank.” Grover concluded, “Throughout her diatribe I sat with my hands stretched out. Holding her jewellery, which she had rudely tossed on me.
Regarding Ashneer Grover, the Indian businessman rose to fame after appearing on the first season of the business reality series “Shark Tank India.” For an unidentified cause, he did not come back for the most recent season two of the show.

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