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Are brown foods healthier than white foods? Let us know

Questions like what to eat, what to eat, and what to limit to stay healthy, are on everyone’s mind. In today’s time, there is a lot of discussion about healthy diet. Some foods have completely disappeared from their plate to stay fit and some foods have started to be liked more. There are also many types of debates about healthy foods. There are some foods that some experts consider healthy, while some keep them in the category of unhealthy. this is also a debate about what is healthier in white foods and brown foods.

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By the way, brown foods are considered healthier than white foods. It is advisable to eat brown rice, bread and sugar instead of white bread, rice and sugar in food, but is it really so? Are brown foods really healthier than white foods, if so, what is the reason behind this, let’s understand it.

Dietician Ridhima Batra has given information about this on her Instagram account. Ridhima Batra is a certified diabetes educator, sports nutritionist specialist and founder of Nutrition Defined.

Brown Foods vs White Foods

  • Brown rice contains a bit more fiber than white rice, but the phytic acid found in it hinders the absorption of micro-nutrients present in the food and also causes many problems related to the gut.
  • Brown rice is whole grain. After eating it, you feel full for a long time. It is considered good for weight loss.
  • Brown rice is not easy at all. It is not possible for everyone to digest it.
  • There is only a slight difference in the nutritional value of white sugar and brown sugar.
  • If you talk about brown and white eggs, then the color of the eggs has no effect on its nutritional value. The difference in color is only due to the type of breed of chicken.
  • Brown bread is healthier than white bread. It is made from wheat. It contains more nutrients and fiber.
  • White bread is made of maida. By eating it, fat accumulates around the stomach and feels lethargic.

Here’s how to choose your food

According to experts, you should choose your food not only by looking at the color of the food, but you should choose your foods based on their nutritional value, your digestive capacity, the way the food is made and the things used in making it. Also, keep in mind the portion size of the food for the balance meal. What you are eating for a healthy diet matters, but you should also take care of how much you are eating and at what time.

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