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Anupama: Dimple will show eyes to Vanraj on Anuj’s strength, Anupama will avoid summer

Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer ‘Anupamaa’ is seeing a twist on the twist these days. There is a lot of turmoil in the show these days. After Anupama and Anuj’s separation, Dimple has also started showing her color. He not only insulted Anupama but also raised questions about her marriage. Evenrecently, rupali Ganguly’s ‘Anupamaa’ saw that while Anupama is busy preparing for her business, there is a ruckus in the Shah House about Dimple. Samar insists that he will marry Dimple, on the other hand, Baa also leaves no stone unturned to tell him the truth. However, the twists and turns in Rupali Ganguly’s ‘Anupamaa’ do not end here.

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Dimple will show the tone to Vanraj

Rupali Ganguly’s ‘Anupamaa’ will soon see Dimple playing the role of Vanraj. Samar will insist on marrying Dimple, on this, Along with Baa, Vanraj will also say that after seeing Dimple’s misbehavior, I will not take responsibility for it anymore. In such a situation, Dimple will tell Vanraj that no one should take our responsibility, Anuj sir will definitely take it. At the same time, when Vanraj counts Anuj’s mistakes, Dimple will leave no stone unturned to silence him. 

Pakhi will teach a lesson to the future sister-in-law

Amidst the spectacles happening in the house, Baa remembers Anupama and says that now Anupama will take the responsibility of Samar and Dimple. On this, Dimple will say that what will she take our responsibility, she did not manage both her marriages. While Dimpy’s mouth will remain strong, Pakhi’s mercury will rise to the seventh sky and she will throw the water kept there on Dimple. Samar will ask Pakhi to apologise for this, but she won’t bow down at all.


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