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Android users were alarmed before the California earthquake

This tuesday, people in California felt a moderate earthquake. Thanks to technology developed at the University of California, Berkeley, some of the smartphone users got a heads-up before it happened. Android users were warned just afew seconds before the earthquake. Experts hope the technology will eventually give people enough time to find shelter or to duck and cover.

An app was released by the Researchers at Berkeley, called MyShake. It can offer a brief earthquake warning by detecting the signals of an earthquake just before they are felt.With the help of this, people can see lightning before thunder. According to the reports, the app works on both iPhone and Android. Google announced that in 2020 it would implement Berkeley’s technology directly into Android, allowing far more people to benefit.

After the earthquake of magnitude 5.1, people turned to Twitter after the . Some reported getting the alert first.G oogle’s Dieter Bohn said in a tweet that”Got the earthquake alert on my Android phone a few seconds before I felt it”. Also, Google CEO Sundar Pichai also felt and tweeted about getting the alert. A new report warns that Fossil fuels are rapidly worsening climate change as the related effects of extreme weather affects 98 million people facing severe food insecurity and heat-related deaths surge.

The burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas cause toxic air pollution. According to the reports, it kills 11,800 Americans and about 1.2 million people globally every year. According to the report published in the medical journal, The Lancet Tuesday ahead of next month’s UN Cop27 climate summit in Egypt.


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