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Alice in Borderland: Only a Season 3 renewal can save this ending.

In Season 1 of Netflix Japanese battle royale series Alice in Borderland, two elements stood out. The second was that the games were intriguing and invited the viewer to speculate about their outcome and wonder what we would do if put in the same position as the protagonists. True to its ink and paper roots (the show is based on the Haro Aso manga series), Season 2 of Alice in Borderland elevates the stakes of the deadly games from Borderland and introduces a slate of bosses that actively participate in the competitions they propose. This was all teased by the end of Season 1, but it’s great that Season 2 immediately follows up on that and we quickly understand the newly unveiled hierarchy of Borderland.
The greatest merit of Alice in Borderland Season 2 is its structure
The debut episode not only picks up immediately after where Season 1 left off but also starts the second season with the heat turned up to eleven, with a first ruthless boss that challenges everything that Arisu and Usagi think they know about the games. At the same time, having different cores allows Alice in Borderland a lot of room to explore some games that are more understated and cerebral which is a perfect balance to the more adrenaline-fueled ones.
The games he participates in are by far the most interesting and intriguing of the season, and also the ones that feed some much-needed information about who’s behind the deadly games. Season 2 also does not forget to stress how dreadful is the reality that all those people are living in, and as much as you have fun watching the games, the series never romanticizes them, with their cruel nature frequently displayed on screen in several ways.

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Before the final episode
The closest we get to understanding what’s really going on in Borderland is when some characters come across some revealing footage, but calling it a cop-out does not even begin to describe the end of that particular scene. With higher stakes and much more intriguing games and characters, Season 2 of Alice in Borderland is a thrilling ride that’s never boring. The new episodes also are not afraid of delving into the past of some key characters, which makes them all the more interesting to follow, as well as helps us speculate about their journey in Borderland and why they could be there.

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