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A boat on air: boat floating on the Umngot river in Meghalaya

The image, which was posted on Twitter, depicts a boat floating on the Umngot river as it passes through Meghalaya Dawki Lake. As shown in the photo, the river’s water is immaculate.

In recent years, many rivers in India have not been in the pristine condition that is desirable. Not too long ago, the toxic froth caused by pollution in the Yamuna river, which flows through the Delhi and National Capital Region, attracted headlines. However, one post uploaded by the Ministry of Jal Shakti’s official profile has attracted the attention of online users. Netizens are astounded by the post’s image of a boat floating in a river that is immaculately pristine. also read:10 expensive cities in the world: New York and Singapore top list

One of the world’s cleanest rivers in Meghalaya

It’s in India. River Umngot in the state of Meghalaya, 100 kilometres from Shillong. The water is so clear and sparkling that it gives the impression that the boat is in the air. Would that all of our rivers were that pure. The caption reads, “Hats off to the people of Meghalaya.

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is located 78 kilometres from Mawlynnyong, the village through which the river flows. Thanks to its crystal blue waters, Dawki has attracted tourists and achieved international recognition throughout the years. Tourists can take in the expansive view from a suspension bridge that crosses the river.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken notice of the social media sensationalised photo of a “flying boat” in Meghalaya.

“I have been watching on social media the photo of a flying boat in Meghalaya that is becoming viral,” Modi stated in reference to the flying boat during his Mann Ki Baat on Sunday.

The river’s water is so clean that it is possible to see the riverbed and that the boat appears to be “floating in the air.”

We are immediately drawn to this image upon first glance. I’m sure the majority of you have seen it online.


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